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Terra Investments

Terra is a 30% shareholder in PT. Palaran Sinergi Mas and has 100% absorbed the operations of PT. Bintang Singa Investments and Opsis Solutions Pte Ltd.

PT. Palaran Sinergi Mas (PSM)

PSM is the operator of Gama Heda Perkasa, an active port on the Sanga Sanga River in Palaran, Samarinda area, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. PSM operates a fully licensed multi-product loading river terminal with a license for and access to 45 Ha of land, currently utilizing only 9 Ha hence providing a large future upside for further expansion. PSM is a Foreign Direct Investment company (Penanaman Modal Asing-PMA), with a business scope of trading, mining operations and mining contracting, apart from logistics.

The Terminal is currently operating as 100% thermal coal loading facility, with 2 loading points and one more under development, of maximum 300ft river barge loading capability. PSM is strategically located in the Sanga-Sanga River, 6-8 hours from the Muara Jawa transshipment point, and is the only terminal in the area with a formal Port License, thus not limited to loading thermal coal but can also facilitate any types of commodities and cargo.

Current capacity is 150,000 MT/month, which Terra and its partners are planning to expand to 250,000MT/month within one year to meet increased demand in Palaran area. The area surrounding PSM is coal rich with grades varying from GAR 3200-5000 and PSM is the only loading terminal in the specific area with a port license, with available capacity and 300ft barge loading capability.

Terra has plans to diversify the operations, potentially expanding to fuel storage due to the location of PSM next to Samarinda’s container terminal and the fuel demand from mining operations in the area.

Opsis Solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore)

From 1 January 2014, Terra Resources has absorbed the operations of Opsis Solutions Pte Ltd. Opsis was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in Singapore, operating on a global scale. Services offered range from M&A and pre-IPO Advisory to Project and Business Development and Management Consulting Solutions.

Website: www.opsis-solutions.com
Contact: info@opsis.solutions.com

PT. Bintang Singa Investments (BSI)

Through BSI, the company held a Joint Operation agreement and was operating at the PT.Anugerah Daya Gemilang coal site in South Kalimantan from 2011:

  • Concession Name: PT.Anugerah Daya Gemilang
  • Location: Sungai Danau, South Kalimantan
  • Total Mineable Area: 75Hectares
  • Arrangement: Exploitation of site on royalty basis
  • Local Partners: PT.Kamigawa Gawi Sabumi (Concession Owner), PT.Jaya Perdana
  • Off-take: Local and International
  • Mineable Reserve: 1.0-1.2 Mt (non JORC)
  • Coal Quality: 4800kcal/kg (GAR), 5500-5800kcal/kg (ADB), <1% Sulphur
  • Maximum Production: Historical peak at 24,000MT per month
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